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[QUOTE=BigPlayShay;3782943]List the plays and I can do it.

1. PI call on Tony Carter when we would have had great field position
to go up 10-0 or 14-0. It was a very ticky tack call especially in a
playoff game. I've seen that not be called hundreds of times.

2. No PI in Decker on pick 6. Instead of being up maybe 10 we are down
7.....17 or 21 point swing. And the thing is if you call the one on
Carter right before that you have to call this. This was clear PI,
Carter's was questionable.

3. Play before missed field goal Suggs hits Hester way before ball
gets there. Next play is a missed FG and Baltimore ends up scoring to
tie it

4. Again no PI when the guy clearly hits Decker in the back before the
ball gets there. We were driving but end up punting and they tie it

5. Holding on Kuper on third and 1 on a play that was half a second
long. We were driving but end up punting and they tie it. Not sure I
have ever seen a holding call on a third and 1 quick handoff up the
middle. And the replay showed it was not holding.

6. Fumble by Manning. Arm was moving forward when ball started to come
loose and he never re-gained possession. Should have been incomplete.
This is debateable but why does Brady get the tuck rule and nobody
else does?

7. PI on Bailey in OT on third down. What? I don't even know what to say here

8. Catch by Boldin in OT on 3rd down. Ball hit the ground and even if
they say it didn't he was bobbling it and by the time he got
possession he was out of bounds. We would have had it at midfield
needing a FG to win

Would be awesome if you did this!!

A couple of them (Boldin's catch) make sure to get the replays in there too. Not just the live play
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