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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Kinda lends to what i am trying to politely say.
So Ingram, Richardson have had incredible success in Bama behind that same line.
Gee, i wonder if Taylor or Gillisee or Franklin or any number of college RBs would have the same success too.
I would bet yeah.
But some of these college RBs have a proven 2-3 year skill set that Lacy doesnt have that just so happens to be tailored to DEN offense.
Yeah, i am sure Lacy could learn it, but hes no better a pure RB or has he even proven to be with just one year of running behind a mammoth Natl Champ line to justify taking him so high, and when theres others that are just as good, if not possibly better.
Lacy could be just as good as Taylor. Maybe.
But that doesnt mean take him in the 1st round. Thats crazy.
How is Ingram doing? Injured all the time and a bag of mixed, not too impressive results, condering he was a 1st rounder.
Richardson? Again, injured alot, and a bag of mixed results. 1st rounder.
CLE sure could of used a sure fire player there.
Hows Ryan Mathews doin in SD? (fart noise)
How bout Alfred Morris in WASH? Huh. 6th round pick a billion yards, and up for OROY
How bout that guy in HOU? Arian foster? 6th round pick, up for MVP..again.
Terrell Davis 6th round
Frank Gore 3rd round
Michael Turner 5th round
Ray rice 2nd round
Matt Forte 2nd round

Just sayin dude.
Just to clear things up, I am not trying to argue, I just like good debate. So no hard feelings or anything.

But you are absolutely right... I guess I didn't really think about it like that. Don't get me wrong, if we were picking in the top 3 like Cleveland, I would not be saying draft a RB. That is just silly to me.
We obviously have had our own 1st rd bust with Moreno, even though he showed some signs of potential this year, but then again has injury problems.
It's a tough conversation to have because having a great RB can be HUGE in terms of success, especially in the postseason.
I mean you have some 1st rd RB in the league that are doing well also.

But you're right, we can get a guy later if we need. As I said in the other thread, I just want to take BPA at #28, unless it's a QB, or LT.
I guess you have me on the Stepfan Taylor bandwagon now!
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