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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I wonder what this means for Vick. I think Vick can thrive in a Kelly offense.
Agree , Kelly needs this kind of QB for his Offense. Has Vick in place, although Vick will have to restructure.

Kelly now has to deal with something he didn't in college...a salary cap and a 53 man roster!

He is a good coach but look for him to have 2-3 years of adjusting before he gets any good PRO system in place that works. And he will need a damn good Defensive coordinator, the side of the game he hasn't been the best at.

This is bad for the Ducks recruiting, but as long as Phil Knight is throwing his money at that program they will bring in a top flight replacement. It does screw them up short term, but they will still be a top team next year. He leaves a lot of young talent there.
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