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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Foxy had zero numbers in mind when he made that call. He says the percentages were with him, but his decision wasn't made by numbers or percentages. At the end of the day he's a defensive coach that just feels more comfortable making the game-breaking decisions on the defensive side of the ball. He sees relying on your defense as less 'risky' than relying on your offense. I'm sure his years in Carolina in addition to last year helped condition that into him.

But that's exactly the wrong mindset once you have PFM. We're a top-tier offense now. If Fox can't adjust that reality into his decision-making, we're going to have playoff issues (Marty style) every year.
Agreed.. the 'percentages are on my side' defense Foxy used as his rationale were found only in 'his gut feel' as a defensive minded coach who, if he had his way and it would work, would abolish the forward pass and run every down!

I Love so much of what he does and brings to the table in many other key areas of what it takes to be a good HC, but late game and critical turning point offensive play calling is NOT his strong suit and likely never will be.

I trust this was the subtle message Elway tried to impart too that EVERY one with the team and FO has to evaluate what happened honestly and not become too defensive in order to turn this debacle into a great step forward toward our next world championship ... if Fox and others stick to this ... my way was the right call and Id do it 10 times out of 10 regardless of what hindsight and a more accurate understanding of the real stats shows, then its up to Elway to make sure Fox doesn't have the final say in that area of the game next time we are faced with such a critical decision.

I'm not at all suggesting demoting Fox, just recognizing that there are very few coaches who are equally good at all areas of their broad responsibility and take steps to shore up their areas of weakness.
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