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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Tricky spot... healthy Kuper is a big upgrade. Then there's Walton and Blake... can they make the same type of progress Beadles made from 2011-2012?

I'm firmly in the Minter in round 1 camp, so I'd look OL help with the 2nd pick... someone like Frederick from Wisconsin, Kyle Long from Oregon, Dallas Thomas, big ass Larry Warford maybe.

There's some pretty damn good linemen in this class.
I agree with this assessment 100%. Minter's my guy at MLB, and I definitely think we should go O-Line in the 2nd. DL or DB (my preference) in round 3.

The only problem is that who do you replace on the offensive line? They're all solid enough to start for a lot of teams, and guys like Beadles and Walton have shown growth under Magazu (and then there's Blake,as you mentioned). But really no matter what, we need more quality O-Linemen, as there were times when I thought Manny Ramirez was going to get Peyton killed (and Kuper looked just as bad at times against BAL). That guy sucks.

On the defensive line, I really wouldn't mind rolling with Vickerson, Bannan (our best DT, IMO) Unrein and Wolfe another year. The things we do on the Front-7 seem pretty different than almost every other 4-3 front I've seen, and Wolfe seems to play more like a DT than a pure DE. If Ayers and Hunter progress, or we bring in another free agent DE, then I think a rotation of those 4 on the inside would work just fine.
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