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Originally Posted by NickStixx View Post
Ok, I looked up Taylor's stats to compare them with Lacy for this last year. I think it will be best to go off of average yards since Lacy was sharing time with Yeldon in Bama.
Taylor - 4.8 yds/rush, 13 TD (322 attempts) 7.0 yds/rec, 2 TD (41 rec)
Lacy - 6.5 yds/rush, 17 TD (204 attempts) 8.6 yds/rec, 2 TD (22 rec)

So, yeah I guess Taylor can catch the ball more often, but I wouldn't say that makes him more valuable in our offense than a guy like Lacy, who may not catch as much, but still can. We all know how Fox likes to run the rock.... sigh.
So I would think we need a more beefier guy like Lacy. If we took Taylor in the late 2nd or 3rd that would be fine though. I wouldn't be unhappy with that selection at all.
And how is Lacy's numbers catching for his career?
Taylor for the last 3! years has averaged basically what you have for just his last year!!! He does that every year.
Taylor has proven over an entire 3 year period that hes a very good pass catching RB, who is also very good in pass protect, blocking.
I am not saying Lacy isnt good, but hes not really molded for the DEN offense.
Maybe Fox could mold him to fit here. Who knows!?!?
He would fit in great in MIN, HOU or STL though.
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