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Well done Drek, as usual.

I agree with your approach for the most part. Like the positions to address, even if we wouldn't necessarily fill them with the same players.

I see as the bigger areas that could use attention as: ILB, DL (even D end), SS, OL, RB

RB- I have been among the biggest supporters of Moreno, and I think Hill is likely going to a take a nice leap with an offseason to grow and show. I think WM is about done, his body is beat up, and the years keep on growing. I like Stepfan Taylor a lot, but I think we can go much later and get better value. I think Moreno should start as the man, but I like adding RB's every year (late round). We will need the depth. I've mention Rex Burkhead and Cameron MArshall before. Marshall has elite physical skills that were wasted by the Staffs of ASU (not unlike Brock), Burkhead is an underrated athlete and fits what we do perfectly. Unless they light up the combine, they can be had 4th round or later.

ILB- I think this needs to be our top priority, and I think there is talent available. For as strong as our D was overall, we had to be overly creative to hide our deficiency at MLB. We need a solid all around Mike, one with some cover skills so we can keep Miller attacking. Minter is my favorite, if Teo is there Great. I'm not against Ogletree assuming he can get stronger, he would already be a great coverage backer. I trust Del Rio with Linebackers, and I am sure they are aware they need one.

DL: Dline is a slow developing position, rookies rarely make major impacts. That is why I am really excited about Wolfe next season. If he takes the next step on a solid rookie campaign, we are already ahead of the game. Vickerson has grown to be dependable. I think there are a couple of mid tier FA's that could be upgrades. Mebane, Branch, Dorsey are all options. One of the Fatties from George could be good anchors. Will Sutton is another disruptive player that I would love....he is a DT/DE tweener (I'm sure Rev would love that). He could provide disruption anywhere on the line, giving us insane flexibility.

SS: I haven't given up on Moore, but I never liked Mike Adams. There are a couple nice options in the draft like Elam. I think we might want to consider Laron Landry from the jets. He was a scary playmaker with Washington before all the injuries. He showed himself to finally be healthy in 2012. I believe he is a FA, and would be a perfect secondary enforcer.

For all DB options I will bow to The Rev's suggestions though. He seems to watch DB's like I watch RB's. So I'm down with whoever he likes.

As for OL, I think we need it, but I can't spot a great one to save my life.
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