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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Hey i think Lacy could be a really good Rb in the NFL.
Not knocking him at all.
However DEN in the offense it runs, just doesnt need a Lacy type of runner.
DEN needs a runner exactly like Slowshon, but with out the injuires and lack of speed/vision.
Stephan Taylor STAN is the exact perfect RB for the DEN offense.
A talented inside/outside RB, but he is also an excellent pass catching RB, and is excellent at blocking. That is what DEN needs.
Taylor has some very good O-linemen in front of him as well, but its his play recognition and pass blocking along with his $$$$ hands, catching the football out of the backfield, that puts him into a pefect fit with DEN.
Again, i like Lacy, but he is missing the specific skill-set that DEN is looking for in a RB i think. Just my 2 cents man.
Ok, I looked up Taylor's stats to compare them with Lacy for this last year. I think it will be best to go off of average yards since Lacy was sharing time with Yeldon in Bama.
Taylor - 4.8 yds/rush, 13 TD (322 attempts) 7.0 yds/rec, 2 TD (41 rec)
Lacy - 6.5 yds/rush, 17 TD (204 attempts) 8.6 yds/rec, 2 TD (22 rec)

So, yeah I guess Taylor can catch the ball more often, but I wouldn't say that makes him more valuable in our offense than a guy like Lacy, who may not catch as much, but still can. We all know how Fox likes to run the rock.... sigh.
So I would think we need a more beefier guy like Lacy. If we took Taylor in the late 2nd or 3rd that would be fine though. I wouldn't be unhappy with that selection at all.
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