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Some good thoughts Drek and excellent effort.
Also, nice post by MUG as well.

I agree with alot of Dreks assessment of the team.
Keep Slowshon. He proved many of us wrong, and its not unheard of for RBs to get injured anymore, so DEN does need to go get another 1. And i have been advocating along with a few other posters to get Stepfan Taylor. The guy is "Taylor"ed for the DEN offense. Hes a well trained RB, that can run outside, inside, has power, speed, vision, and most importanly....he is an excellent blitz pickup blocking RB, who also has $$$$ hands, and catches outta the backfield all day.
Dump Ball and i hate to say it, McGahee. Hes just too old. Keep Hillman too. Hillman manned up in that game.
I want Amendola, but looking at the FA $$$$, DEN would really have to restructure some contracts. Hes a better option than Welker. Younger, and with just as good hands. But Peyton would really have to restructure as would Champ, who should.
I think DEN looks to the later rounds for a slot/burner possibly.
Go with the guys you got, and cut Julius Thomas. I think Green has shown more upside and could be the real gem of the 2.
Keep all of em currently except Ramirez, and try to sign G/C Brandon Moore UFA (NYJ)
Hes a 10 year vet, looking to win a SB, and he wants to play for a winner.
Mauler with good pass pro, he can play multiple positions along the line.

I think MUG is right. JDL thinks he can get good production from mid-round DTs in the draft, and that where they will go. DT is deep thiss year, so many of the solid DTs may end up dropping a bit anyways.
Daniel McCullers*, DT, Tennessee Monster at 6-8 360. 4-5 round
Larry Black, Jr., DT, Indiana 6-3 310 4-5 round


Sorry, i am in agreement with Drek Champ needs to go to #2 CB/hybrid position.
I think the Charles Woodson position of playing the opposing teams TEs and possesion recievers and playing man, up front at the LOS and using him as a
blitzer and as a nickel depending on down and team is what is needed for Champ. Hes would play less, and be able to be more physical and jump routes, which is something he cant do on burners anymore.
Harris is legit. Carter looked better than advertised because of the DL and that had alot to do with Champs success this year as well. Harris is very fast and has really good hands.
I think DEN needs to look at drating a new "shut down" corner in this draft or the next. Its just simply time.
Xavier Rhodes could be there at #28 amazingly and should be looked at hard by DEN.
Dude is a beast with Patrick Peterson size and ball skills, only a bit less refined.
Milliner and Banks are both considered to go ahead of Rhodes, so he just might be there. Amerson is a FS in the NFL. Hes got serious problems in press coverage, and will be looked at as a FS by NFL teams.

1 name.
LSU's Kevin Minter. Look him up. Just the perfect 3 down, 4-3 MLB that can do it all.
I say its either him or Rhodes in the 1st.

As for FA, theres just no way Henry Melton is not gonna break the bank, so hes a pipe dream. And Amendola could be as well. Urlacher is a complete waste of $$$.
Realistically, I would hope DEN could free up enough cap room to sign 2 solid players that could really define the team going forward. Possibly 2 more cheap role players.
Heres my list of realistic guys with some cap room made
SS William Moore - (ATL) Yes, keep Rahim Moore at FS or Dashon Goldson (SF)
or SS Michael Mitchell (OAK) who is an underrated player, very solid safety.
G/C Brandon Moore (NYJ) Dump Ramirez, let the rest fight it out for the starting spots. Or Louis Vasquez (SD) great find Drek!
DT Sedrick Ellis (NO) Still very young, and could be a steal. Or DT Alan Branch (SEA)who could walk, but DEN would need to cough up some mid-level FA coin for him. He might just be worth it.

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