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Notable available players:

Henry Melton
Greg Jennings
Wes Welker
Mike Wallace
Dwight Freeney
Desmond Bryant
Cliff Avril
Randy Starks
Brian Urlacher
Brent Grimes
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
Derek Cox
Aqib Talib
Ed Reed
Jairus Byrd
Louis Delmas

Most i'd say are legitimately available. I'd have Reed as retiring (if Baltimore manage to do it all this year i guarantee it), Urlacher, Freeney, Talib, DRC, Cox and Bryant to stay put but the rest are fair game.

Anyways, positional reviews:

QB: Manning

RB: I'd stick with Knowshon. Definitely proving his worth. Mcgahee as rotation but there could be a possibility we let him go and replace him with Steven Jackson or just stick with Hillman/Ball. All are solid, viable options.

OL: Re-sign Clady at all costs and keep them healthy, esp. Kuper with his injury issues lately. Let us see what Walton can do and learn from Koppen

WR: Could be upgraded. Stokely is no guarantee to stay on at his age and we could be down an excellent slot receiver and go to guy on key downs. Welker in the slot would be ****ing amazing. On another hand, Jennings signed as a #2 bumping Decker to slot would be an equally excellent move. Both are by far the best options given familiarity with elite QBs, attention to detail and excellent route running.

DL: Lot of options here. Freeney if he was considered would be a decent rotational addition (imagine Doom and Freeney rushing off the line along with Miller) and is friendly with Peyton. Cliff Avril would provide an even better option in the same regard. DT throws up some excellent names. Henry Melton would be a godsend and it's uncertain what direction Bears management go with this team. Other excellent options such as Randy Starks and Desmond Bryant abound

LB: Urlacher if he were to hit the market would have to be seriously considered. Age aside, he's exactly what we want, definition of elite at the position. Other than that, not much. We're set at two of three LB positions and Brooking is only a concern due to age/fading skills more than anything. Manti's stock has fallen since the National Championship and it is unclear how his stock will change when the combine comes around. If he falls a few spots Elway would be well advised to pull the trigger and orchestrate something, it would fill a hole immediately and have us set on D for years.

Secondary: Champ will remain corner but should not be targeting speed receivers - he's not 29 anymore. Another CB should be attained unless we trust Harris to cover #1 receivers. Considering the jump he made this year, don't rule it out. Grimes, DRC and Cox are interesting options and should be pursued unless we intend to give Porter another bite of the cherry. Moore will likely be given a chance to redeem himself but it depends on how the team responds to him, they are reportedly really pissed at him. Safety upgrades are no harm, Leonhard is old. Byrd, Delmas and Goldson are elite level replacements. Reed is not likely to be available

Coaching: Fox has his flaws certainly and has not proved he can prepare a team off a playoff bye. This was the sloppiest and most unprepared game by the team all year. However, McCoy is gone and could be replaced by the likes of Whizenhunt which would be an interesting move. Del Rio is gladly very likely to stay put and defensive stability can only be welcomed. Jury is still out on Fox and his "next Marty" reputation he's keen on building but the fact of the matter is he's going nowhere.

In summary, i think this team would be well advised to take a long look at WR - Welker and Jennings in particular, at DL and in the secondary where numerous options abound. MLB is a need but unless Urlacher hits the market which is dubious at best, Elway needs to be taking a long look at pulling together a move to nab Manti as it would go a long way towards completing this team and this is far from the strongest draft class.
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