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Some good thoughts Drek and excellent effort.


Over the last few years, we've seemed to have put a soft cap at DT in the salary range of 2.5 million. A lot of the big name DT Free Agents we chased commented that we only offered them a contract in that range, while most of them went on to sign for 5 million per year.

A large reason for that is our heavy rotation at DT. We rotate three guys pretty evenly. Bannan (592 Snaps), Vickerson (537), Unrein (414). For comparison, Wolfe and Dumervil played over a 1000 snaps each. So, we're only playing our DTs about 50% of the time.

For this reason, I don't see us spending high draft resources on the position (1st or 2nd round pick) and I can't imagine we will have any more luck this season signing DTs than we've had in the past. Even a guy like Knighton will command more than 2.5 million. And I think Vickerson might even price himself out of our range.

I expect we'll re-sign Bannan, keep Unrein, and just re-sign and promote Siliga. Those will be our 3 DTs on game day. (Wolfe and Jackson not withstanding). And I think we'll be solid with that rotation. I do expect us to draft a DT in the mid-late rounds (AJ Francis?) that we can keep as a gameday inactive while we develop him similar to what we did with Siliga this year.


I don't see why we don't just keep Moreno. He and Hillman were very effective together this year. Moreno is pretty much identical to Joseph Addai. If anything, let McGahee go, and stick with the young guys. Don't see the need to burn a high draft pick here.

RE: O-Line

I think we're okay here, we just need depth. I remember what a healthy Kuper looks like, and Beadles is a quality OG. Our OTs are fine. Walton was playing excellent before he was injured.


Bailey is staying at CB. Harris is a stud. Carter was solid for a nickel. Bolden is developing. We have room for depth.

RE: Safety

Agree that Moore is a quality FS despite his gaffe. And I think Adams was solid at SS. We do need a young Safety developing at SS as Carter can't be relied upon, while Leonhard and Bruton are FAs that probably won't be back. I'd expect the SS to start in the 2014 season. I'm thinking an early round draft pick.

I'd list our biggest needs as:

1) MLB
2) SS
3) WR
4) DT
5) OL Depth
6) CB Depth
7) WR Depth
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