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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
Calling Champ a "liability" is a ****ing joke. Yeah, I suppose he'd be a liability if you had three Darrelle Revis clones in front of him making a combined 150 million dollars. We don't. No one does. He was second team all-pro at 34. Do you have a magic potion that produces all pro players at every position? That can just replace age with similarly skilled youth at a whim? No? We lost a playoff game, the ****ing world didn't end. Everyone here called us the best, most balanced team in the NFL less than a week ago. Today, it's time to blow it all up. Get over yourselves.
well said

We can improve in almost all spots. CB is not an area we have the biggest concerns.

Way back after Manning took our team apart in a playoff game, mikey decided to fix it by getting a great CB, poortis for Champ. Problem solved.

But then next year IIRC he ignored Champ and toasted the other corner.
When that was upgraded he ate our Nickle back alive..

What mikey failed to get over all his years was pressure the QB with only your DL and then everyone playing behind them are instantly upgraded.

JDR knows that and I suspect so do The JOHNs.

I look for more DT those to be hgh on their wish list.
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