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Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
Champ played at an elite level all season. One game hardly means we need to move him to safety. What a massive overreaction.

The disturbing part was JDR's inability to recognize what was happening. What New England this weekend. They'll play nothing but cover-2 out of their base or nickel package pretty much the whole damn game. You stop those big over the top throws and you stop Baltimore. It's that simple.

tldr; Champ should have had safety help and it was a stunning coaching oversight that he didn't.

That said I definitely agree about our needs on the interior DL. Wolfe was ok, but far from disruptive. He disappeared for big stretches of games.

We need big help up the middle. It starts at middle linebacker and then safety and defensive tackle. Find talented players at any of those spots. If we can shore up the middle this will be a really really good defense.
Most of your post I agree with.

Wolfe pretty much played almost every down all season on the DL at some position.

I'm sure someone can find the number of snaps he took, which was a damne sight more probably times 2 over last year in college. In all he was in 17 games in regular and post season, not to mention four preseason games. A bunch more than his 10 game college season. Most rookies hit the famed rookie wall in about game 8-10.

If had not disappeared in some games he would have had to be superman.
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