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Malik Jackson

Prater's 26 made field goals were the second most in his career and the 55 extra points were the most by 16, a clear result of the Broncos' more powerful offense led by Peyton Manning. Despite playing in high-altitude Denver, Prater went only 3-of-4 from 50+ yards for the second straight year. His 81.3 percent success rate on field goals was over five points higher than in 2011 but it was only his third highest in his five full years in Denver. Prater signed a four-year contract extension before this season, so he'll likely remain the Broncos' kicker, although he still doesn't project as a top-tier kicker. (ESPN)

So. Who ya gonna get to replace him? Fox should have NEVER called a 52 yard FG in that cold. Dumb call. Prater did what a lot of golfers try to do on a 600 yard par five. They try to gorilla one and take a chunk of the big ball instead.
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