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Bmore Manning

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Champs not moving to safety. A pay cut is within reason as he should be our #2 corner. But he shouldn't be replaced with an old vet. Rather we take advantage of the press man CBs from the draft.
-Rhodes (1), Amerson (2), Hester (4-5)

At DT Knighton has been someone I have asked for quiet some time. We could also steal Pat Sims away from Cincy, he has added pass rush to his game working with Atkins. Unrein can be had back cheap so bring him back. Not sure why you don't want to draft a DT a loaded position in the draft..?

Drafting a MLB is not necessarily following BPA.. Te'o, Minter, and Ogaltree may all three be gone then what?

I find it interesting you don't address WR.. There needs to be an explosive and dynamic WR added who can move inside and out..
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