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Originally Posted by KevinJames View Post
If for some reason Champ has a change of heart and asks to play safety I think Omar will be at the very least a nickle, Fox & Del Rio are all high on this kid as well Elway.
This is why I like the idea of bringing in Mathis. He's short term and likely cheap, letting our own younger guys (Carter and Boldin) push for more PT without a big financial disincentive from a long term FA contract.

Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
Champ played at an elite level all season. One game hardly means we need to move him to safety. What a massive overreaction.

The disturbing part was JDR's inability to recognize what was happening. What New England this weekend. They'll play nothing but cover-2 out of their base or nickel package pretty much the whole damn game. You stop those big over the top throws and you stop Baltimore. It's that simple.

tldr; Champ should have had safety help and it was a stunning coaching oversight that he didn't.
We willingly walked ourselves into the wrong matchups against their WRs, honestly. Champ should have been on Bolden and Harris should have been on Smith. Harris has the speed to stay with him while Champ is more capable of matching Bolden's physical style of play.

That is reason #1 why if they don't move Champ I think we'll still do fine at corner, scheme could have hid a lot of that weakness. We'll just be deficient in coverage at safety, unless Moore takes another step forward as big as his year 1 to year 2 growth and Q. Carter comes back 100% athletically and takes a mental step forward as well.

That said I definitely agree about our needs on the interior DL. Wolfe was ok, but far from disruptive. He disappeared for big stretches of games.

We need big help up the middle. It starts at middle linebacker and then safety and defensive tackle. Find talented players at any of those spots. If we can shore up the middle this will be a really really good defense.
The solution for both Wolfe and the DT position is one and the same if you ask me. Have Wolfe put on another 10-15 pounds this off-season and become a nearly full time DT. That frees up the strong side end job for Ayers and Malik Jackson (as well as Hunter who I bet they bring back on the cheap to give him another shot) while letting Wolfe be our pass rush up the middle.
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