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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Jesus christ! Another move Champ to Safety person. Name me 10 better corners than Champ. Yes against guys with 4.3 or better speed he isn't the lockdown guy he typically is. But he is still a very good corner. Add in he has no interest in a position switch. Also the idea that a guy can just switch positions and dominate is laughable. Look at DJ used to be a good WLB but can't play MLB or SLB worth a ****. Who says Champ is an elite Safety playing Corner?
If I could easily name 10 better corners that would put him in the middle of the pack for starters league-wide. He's obviously better than that, but he's not an elite shut down corner anymore. Guys with 4.3 speed are pretty par for the course against elite passing offenses, if Champ can't keep up with them he's going to be exploited as a liability.

Also, as you said he likely isn't going to instantly be perfect at safety. I'm sure he'll get to that point but he'll need a bit of time to transition. The speed is starting to go, moving him now buys him an easier transition while his athleticism helps prop him up and lets him play safety at an elite level while he learns on the job.

This isn't just about fixing Champ's declining speed either. The secondary clearly lacks a field general from the safety position. Champ could do quite well in that capacity. He also is easily our best coverage option against elite TEs, helping combat this team's biggest defensive liability which also happens to be a very en vogue weapon league-wide.

It's a best of all scenarios option. I don't expect them to actually do it, unfortunately, but it's the best solution to a multitude of problems.
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