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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Man, this sounds familiar....I guess you can always tell the nuthuggers who are still butt hurt.....
Your day revolves around Tebow. Let it go. Not everything is about a Tebow. Every time your labia flares up you pull out that tired old canard.

Moore has chronically underperformed and if not for lack of competition at the position we would be in a position to move him immediately. As it is we're not but his replacement needs to be brought in. He's not a ball hawk and the only reason he can play the run like he did this year is because Champ played his man all year and freed Moore up to do any number of things. So Moore's improvement was due to the fact that Champ took away a huge portion of the field and Moore didn't have to be tied to playing his responsibilities like most safeties in the league and even then he peaked at mediocrity. Can't ball hawk average in run support can't maintain position, situationally unaware, and lacking in even rudimentary understanding of basic elements of the position. Yeah, I think we should look for better talent at the position. Are you seriously going to sit there and tell me Moore is the lead pipe lock best we can do?
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