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Default Paul Zarembka: "economists are scared.."

Insiders made millions on the put options...

Clowns like W*gs, Brit and Lone Nut would have us believe that the hijacked planes impacted the WTC at random points.

The facts point in a different direction. For example, Flight AA 11 which hit the north tower took out the offices of Marsh and McLennan -- which it so happens had the second highest level of put options in the days before 9/11 -- second only to United Airlines.

Someone was betting that M&M stock was going to tumble -- and somebody cashed in on it.

We know the puts were exercised -- according to professor Paul Zerembka at SUNY Buffalo, whose field is econometrics. If Zarembka is correct, this means the people who bought the puts collected the winnings. There is a paper trail to the people who had insider knowledge -- but the SEC buried the evidence during their phony investigation.

This is the state of things in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Here is Lars Schall's recent interview with Zarembka in Asia Times:

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