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This ones for Pat...

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Thought about making a thread on how does he miss that kick by doing that thing you do in golf sometimes where you hit way behind the ball but I got over it...

So many things cost us that game it's hard to blame it on one play even if there is so many single plays you can point to. But that's kinda the point if there was one or two bad plays then you can say yea maybe that cost us the game but heck there may have been 20 plays in that game that we totally did something stupid.

Originally Posted by HAT View Post
Meh....I was just typing off the top of my head. By Manning blunders, I really only meant the OT INT.

Wasn't ranking them by any means. It just seems odd to see the mane go into full on meltdown over anybody and everybody yet somehow Prater gets a pass?

EDIT ... I don't think he's getting a pass Hat , I think it's more of a collective shock still and he's just one of many things that sucked. From our secondary to play calling to Manning pick and not getting pressure and some bad calls. You can totally throw the missed kick in that list tho , but there was so many things THAT DON'T happen often like Champ getting beat or giving up a 70 yard td with 30 secs to go a missed FG that happens often SORTA gets over looked ....

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