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You cannot believe yourself. Peyton struggled with Moreno? When Moreno got the start they racked off how many consecutive wins?? Had the lead in the only loss until Moreno got hurt? That ain't struggling son.

And rushing wins in the playoffs?? Ya ok. Just that the teams left are all passing threats. And the rushing teams like houston and vikings are gone.
Rushing is what opens your passing and takes pressure off your QB. Put Tebow with the 9ers runners and see what happens.

And Peyton struggled against the Chiefs with Moreno against Quinn. And with Del Rio. He didn't pull away until the 4th quarter.. that's just embarrassing. That showed right there this team was really no different than last season. Peyton had a whole cast of receivers built around him too while Elway did everything he could to hinder Tebow in that way.
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