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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Tebow doesn't even get 100 QB rating in a dream. The sad part about this post is you actually compared 2 individual performances and think Tebows sub 80 rating is better than a plus 100.

What does it matter how far the team goes? You're not a fan of a team. You're a fan of a player. That means only his stats matter to you. And those stats suck.
Stats are completely misleading.. especially with Tebow. He isn't JUST a passer.. so why would passer rating be important?

Tebow made the Broncos the best rushing team in the NFL last season.. how many times do I have to say it.. rushing is what wins in the playoffs. Which is WHY Tebow looked better against a better D in the playoffs. It also allowed Fox to play 100 times more conservative than with Peyton.. also because they didn't have Del Rio last season.

Also.. McGahee was injured and so was Moreno at that time.. Peyton struggled even WITH Moreno who played much better than last season.
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