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Tebow LOST to the Chiefs QBed by Kyle Orton at home with the division on the line. 7-3. What the **** are you on about?

If Manning had his team give up seven measly points he would unleash unholy rape on them. For all that went wrong, the defence gave up 31 points on saturday (7 on Manning). Look, i'm a big fan of Tebow and all, and he gave us a great run, but i'll tell you what would have happened if Tebow played that game - Ravens 38 Broncos 10
That was a different Chiefs team at that time last season.. no one knew what to expect from them. They beat Greenbay then too when Greenbay was the hottest team in the league. And Fox held Tebow back then just like he did Manning... tho far worse even with Tebow.
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