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Manning 13-3, 1st round bye

Tebow 7-4 Backed into playoffs after losing the last 3 weeks of the season, lost to kFc at home 3-7 with the playoffs on the line and you think Tebow is still better than Manning?

Are you on one of those prank radio stations in Australia where they call hospitals and prank people for ratings? I don't see how anyone can be this legitimately stupid and still be able to work a computer, you must be pranking us with these asinine posts.
Tebow only played 10 full games.. we don't know what he could have done in more games. Peyton had the offense designed around him from the beginning. Tebow did not.

Tebow also had both his runningbacks injured at the end of the season and Von Miller was a rookie with a broken hand. Dawkins also was injured. AND Elway moved the veteran receivers around Tebow and put them around Peyton.

And Peyton struggled to beat the Chiefs in a game with Brady Quinn as QB and the Chiefs team falling apart all season. People said Tebow's schedule was easy.. Peyton's this season was a joke.

ALSO... Peyton had DelRio as D coordinator.. HUGE upgrade this season. If ANYTHING that was the only upgrade this season. Fox couldn't let Tebow run an up pace offense because their own defense collapsed when they did.

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