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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
What difference does it make.. we have seen the problem isn't Tebow... he was as successful as Manning with far more adversity and as a rookie essentially.

There are a number of teams that could take him... but the problem is it takes multiple people in one organization to agree. This is where I think the problems come in. There is so much group thinking on NFL teams. It breeds a lack of accountability and causes people to take the seemingly safe choice even if it really isn't.
Manning 13-3, 1st round bye

Tebow 7-4 Backed into playoffs after losing the last 3 weeks of the season, lost to kFc at home 3-7 with the playoffs on the line and you think Tebow is still better than Manning?

Are you on one of those prank radio stations in Australia where they call hospitals and prank people for ratings? I don't see how anyone can be this legitimately stupid and still be able to work a computer, you must be pranking us with these asinine posts.
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