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Originally Posted by Broncoman13 View Post
I just hope McCoy doesn't raid our offensive coaching staff for his own staff. Can't afford to lose our OL coach or RB coach.

Also, I think the Broncos should make a push to get Fred Jackson out of Buffalo. Studesville has experience with him and Fred Jackson could really put this team over the edge. The Bills would have to consider offers b/c they have to get the ball to Spiller more.
This team isn't one player away from winning the Super Bowl. It's pretty obvious in that massive cluster**** vs Baltimore that we have at least 4 holes to fill. Fred Jackson is a good idea to share PT with Moreno and have Hillman as the 3rd down back. Other holes that we have are Middle Linebacker, Defensive Line, OL Depth, and also a WR that can stretch the field. I think Stokely is done, and we need someone in Stokely's spot to stretch the field for Manning.
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