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i think Allen will do well in Oakland. they had a crappy roster filled with idiots and malcontents. plus they were still handicapped by that Carson Palmer trade.
this year McKenzie and co will get to retool the roster more and Allen will have new coaches to smarten up the draftees.
I think McKenzie is a capable personnel guy, but I was a little underwhelmed by Allen's coaching moves on the ground level.

The Raiders scraped Hue Jackson's playbook which posted a top five offensive ranking in 2011 and hired a rethread in Greg Knapp that brought in the west coast system and the running game never got going. They also parted ways with esteemed offensive line coach Bob Wylie and one year later his replacement is already gone. So far, Allen hasn't shown me that he is willing to adapt to his talent. He's pretty stuck in his ways if you ask me.
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