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There's a lot of wisdom in this post.

1. If it was easy to solve the "problem of gravity" we would have by now..
I am talking about getting the info to the public in spite of all the disinformation. That is the very purpose OF disinformation. And it is incredibly effective.. which is why governments use it so much. It's even more useful against the public because people in the public have no idea how it works.

2. The problem is getting people to see and understand these breakthroughs. I think that a lot of scientists would agree with this. There are a lot of things that we don't understand that need to be understood so we can do them.

3. Things aren't the way they are on accident. It's possible someone who has some degree if inteligence actually caused many things to happen intentionally.

Very deep.
What I mean by saying things aren't the way they are by accident is that it isn't an accident we are bombarded by disinfo. Scientists are the key target of this campaign more so even than he general population.We just follow suit.
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