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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I like to see us be a bit more agressive from a philisophical stand point. Not much, but a little. For example I'd love to see PA passes on third and short.

I think we need to upgrade our interior line and get more deep speed. Caldwell never saw the field. I would love another deep guy that is good enough to play on Sundays. And more running back depth.
Not just deep speed, but someone with a bit more elusiveness. I thought Ronnie Hillman would be that guy, and although he has a burst, he doesnt seem to make a ton of guys miss. I think he might have a future as a tail back, but not that open space guy who can turn the game around in a play.

A slot guy like Tavon Austin (who has a similar skill set to Harvin) would be an exciting weapon in this offense and give it another dimension. He may be avail when he pick, and is worth a thought there.

I agree with the rest of the above.
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