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Laters loser, can't say I'll miss ya. Thank god the McDaniels running game is officially gone.
Yeah, thank GOD that McDaniels running game is gone. You know, the one that was 7th in the league this year and the one that put 122 yards on 5.4 YPC on Houston, a top rushing defense in the league. Thank God for that right?

(How can you **** heads blame McDaniels for our running game this year? We ran out of like 3 formations, that's not a McDaniels running game, that's PEYTON's running game)

1. McCoy didn't do crap in the McDaniels era, except learn how to be an OC from one of the best Offensive Coordinators in NFL history.

2. McCoy was the primary person in favor of extending the Orton Era after the Fox hire.
Were you in the locker room and offices or something? And, yeah who knew Tebow's watered down offense would work so well. I'm mean Tebow can't beat out Mark Sanchez...I'm pretty sure he couldn't beat out Orton.

3. He unwillingly shifted to a makeshift Tebow Offense that only utlized go routes, and no use of the TE.
He did use the TE actually. The TE's caught many clutch passes in late game situations that led to come backs/scores. Like the 40 yard pass to Fells in the Pittsburgh playoff game that was designed based of a play they showed time and time again in the season, but the tweaked it because they knew Polamolu would bite. Watch some football son, learn something.

Yes, he primarily used Go Routes because of how dumbed down that offense was...along with the fact that our WR's weren't the best route runners and Tebow isn't exactly an all world slinger.

4. He began 2012 by saying that the 2-back set was going to be a major component of our offense (2-back sets were used ~1% of the time).
No idea about this...not sure where he said it but you sound like a b****.

[crying voice] OMG You told me you were going to do lied to me![/crying voice]

5. McCoy displayed ZERO Offensive creativity after having 2 weeks to prepare for Baltimore.
Peyton's offenses have never been about creativity. But yeah, let's just blame people we hate, and ignore the truth when it has to do with people we like. That's the Denver Broncos fan mantra.

However, I guess Knowshon Moreno split out right running a stop and go route for a touchdown and throwing a pass that splits ed reed and the LB shows "no creativity."

Watch some other teams play football, maybe you'll learn something.

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