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It's gotta be painful watching guys like Wilson kaepernick rg3 etc succeed doing what tebow can't do. Playing and producing while tebow runs in circles and throws into the dirt.
Not any more than normal... I saw the same thing when Orton was playing over Tebow.. or Sanchez... people are starting to figure out that it wasn't Tebow but the Broncos... at the very least it was Fox. We are making progress at least. And the running Qbs success should help Tebow. Seeing RGIII get injured after one season should show the value of Tebow's toughness if people are smart.. Same with Kaep who will likely go down soon. Remember the little known Tebow effect?

Hell.. even Andrew Luck plays like a remix of Tebow.. a Tebow with less balls and with a NFL QB for a dad.
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