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Bradley Roby

Yesterday I heard the sorriest excuse ever for taking the knee and killing any last chance to kick a FG for the win even after the Cluster Fork that is Rahim Moore!

Fox sat there and said with a straight face the reason they had PMFM take a freakin' knee with 32 seconds and two time outs left with the game tied was because the team was 'shell shocked' and too stunned to play a little offense and complete a couple passes for the win!

Mind you it was the DEFENSE that was the SHELL- SHOCKEE's .. not the offense who had been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the D to wrap up the victory gift they had giving on the 91 yard TD drive for the 7 point lead!

They were not out there running around and laying a huge egg! They may have been a bit shocked for 20 seconds or so followed by being mad as hell that Moore (and Foxy before him) put the whole team in this position.

These are grown men and are suppose to be warriors for cryin' out loud! Manning could easily huddle the O together during the TV commercial before the Ravens kickoff with one simple message.

'Okay guys we're going do to them just what they just did to us!! Everyone focus, lock and load ... No mistakes allowed and go kick arse, CATCH the damn ball and block like your life depended on it!'

That's all he would have to say to have blood and spit coming out of those guys eyeballs!

If the D needed a breather to regroup after that. .fine .. I might even buy that a little . .but not the O who had been twiddling their thumbs waiting just in case they had to do a rescue mission!

This is the kind of weak-minded excuse ... 'playing not to lose' mentality that I don't think Fox is capable of seeing through and changing even a little bit?

I like Fox and he brings many a good things to the table and brings stability and is good as a players coach ... but this late game decision making on offense in particular which has never been his forte MUST be reassigned to whomever the new OC is!!

Elway went along with what Fox said but it wasn't a strong defense of Fox's position and seemed more because he was in the 'Fox' hole with Fox at the moment.

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