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Random blurbs from a notebook I decided to type up today:

Excited for Senior Bowl and workouts to start coming soon. I don't see a lot of top flight awesome dudes in this draft, but I think you will find quality players for a long time. More underclassmen declarations than ever.

#28 Target List

Xavier Rhodes, CB -- FSU

Ability to play press man in the NFL, in addition to solid skills in off-man and zone coverage makes him an ideal prospect to grab. DM will be the first corner taken, but we would be incredibly lucky if Rhodes was there at #28. Somehow, I doubt it, but a boy can dream. This isn't just an FSU homer pick either, Rhodes is going to be very good.

Kevin Minter, ILB -- LSU

Keith didn't find the fountain of youth and Mays ain't worth it. T'eo is going to be drafted long before us, and Minter probably ends up being the better pro in the first place. I'd say the chances of him being at our selection are 60/40 right now. Likely to move up too. If he is there and Rhodes is not, you take him.

John Jenkins, DT -- Georgia

Been word that he could fall because of knee issues or conditions based on his sheer size. Want to hear more medical word on him before committing, but he is just a giant human being and good football player.

Barrett Jones, C -- Alabama

Profiles as a good starter on the interior. Definitely the best C this class has to offer and could be the replacement for Koppen/Walton. Just don't know if he is truly BPA at #28 if others above are there.

Others: Short and Floyd at DT (1- early 2 value ends at them) unless you want to play the odds and think that them or a few other prospects are worth waiting till #58. Matt Elam probably becomes an option in the secondary and a candidate of solid value in a trade down.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR -- Clemson

This kid is going to be an absolute stud. Ideally this is in a trade down, but I think the sky is the limit for him. I think he offers us some dimension to our offense we just don't have. I think he goes in the top 40.

#58 Target List

Short and Floyd, (but I doubt they last) but Sy Williams could be here. Would take a risk on him. Might cool on him because of consistency issues. Seems like they preferred high-motor effort players like Wolfe instead.

WR: DaRick Rodgers, Justin Hunter, Markus Wheaton

All receivers capable of improving our offense.

LB: Khaseem Green (WLB), Arthur Brown (OLB/ILB) Kevin Reddick (ILB)

Think that these guys can start right away and make some plays. Considering the depth of other places in this draft, I can see where Brown or Reddick go a little bit lower than late round two, but we will see. I think that most of the top flight DL talent will also be gone by this point. Larry Warford at guard from Kentucky will probably go in this area too.

After that, I think there will be good value in the defensive backfield in round three, along with some runners. I don't take a runner with our top two picks because I think the value is better elsewhere. I probably forgetting some studs, but these are just guys I've got to see most of through the whole year.
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