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How many PASSING plays were called that tebow improvised into a run? Alot. Not the coaching staffs fault the guy looks to run right after seeing his 1st progression covered.
It was the coaches fault though.. because they were only letting him pass deep. This leaves the inside part of the field open. Also, the line is terrible.. this also forced TEbow to run.

This is also why Manning had to dink and dunk to save himself so much. People have missed this totally. The Oline is awful and I said Peyton was a fool to fo to the Broncos for this reason.

He was likely deceived as well because Tebow's running ability protected him in the pocket so much. Teams were forcing Tebow to stay in the pocket and randomly attacking him there which made the oline look good at times and Tebow look bad at times.

Peyton also went through something else similar to Tebow.. they both had McGahee and Moreno get injured at the end of the season screwing them as well. The Broncos run game is highly overrated for this reason. McGahee played the end of the season but was a shell even of himself because he was injured... that's like a shell of a shell.. This was when Tebow lost the last 4 games.
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