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The NFL has adopted the read-option from the college game though.

Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin, III have shown that NFL organizations are willing to go away from the traditional dropback passer as their quarterback and cater to their strengths by infusing concepts that were long considered college plays.

Next year the Oakland Raiders might be heading that direction too with Terrelle Pryor.

But the biggest difference between Kaepernick/Wilson/Griffin and Tim Tebow/Joe Webb has been the former QBs bring the threat of the pass and the latter QBs don't. A 46.5 completion percentage is not efficient. Completion percentages are trending upwards in the NFL for a reason, 46.5 percent is the stone ages.
I think you are missing the real issue though... Tebow does not fit the mold of a running QB either.. there are 2 kinds of QBs to NFL experts.. pure passers... and running QBs who are blazing fast. Tebow doesn't fit either category. He isn't a conventional passer and isn't a conventional running QB. Tebow doesn't have the gold standards most elite prospects have.. BUT.. he excels just as much or more in non typical ways.

Also.. using Tebow's completion percentage while with the Broncos is wrong anyway.. he was put in an impossible situation. Fox wouldn't even let him throw the ball. They were trying to compete for a championship when they should have just been letting Tebow "play" like they let Cam play his first season.

Tebow's running ability also accounts for many of his passes. And even Elway said Tebow's completion numbers were skewed because Fox's O used so many deep passes. Complete opposite of most QBs these days.
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