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There's a story about one QB recruit saying Meyer lied to him about recruiting Tebow as an LB. Even the recruit who tells the story didn't believe the line (if the story is true) The gist of the story (again if true) was that Urban lied to the recruit. Not that he really intended to convert him to a linebacker.

Needless to say, splitting game day snaps between a successful senior QB and an incoming true freshman during a national title season would seem a strange way to try to start converting a QB to a linebacker.
Meyer said just recently that he himself didn't think Tebow would make it as a QB.. Lane Kiffin said he heard the same thing all over when recruiting Tebow to go to USC.

Meyer saying he didn't think Tebow could play QB ties perfectly with what the recruit, Jevon Snead, said about Meyer saying he would make him a linebacker.

I agree he was likely covering all bases but the point is it was true to some extent.. and this is Urban Meyer the guy most suited to using Tebow.

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