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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post

Why do you come here?

You have nothing but disdain for the Broncos.
You have nothing but disdain for the posters here.
We have nothing but disdain for you.

Isn't there some other more productive and enjoyable way you could possibly spend your time?
I've come to the conclusion he is just a troll. If you really read his posts they sound like he's just trying to get a rise out of you. There is NO way a logical human can believe the things he's posting. There is only two possibilities ...

1) He is a troll who is simply trying to create a fire inside you so you'll argue with him for hours and feed his needy ego. ("I'm so popular ... everyone wants to talk to me") In which case it trying to discuss logic with him won't prove fruitful since he's just blowing it out his arse anyway.

2) He actually believes some of what he posts (can't imagine anyone could believe everything he's posting but maybe some of it) ... in which case he knows nothing of football and therefore is also not worth the time to explain to him the inner workings of the game since he won't be able to grasp it anyway.
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