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Son, if Tebow had still been our QB there wouldn't even have been another overtime in the playoffs for him to run around in! Plus DT, Decker and any other WRs with the talent and aspirations for greatness would dump the Broncos the minute their rookie contracts were up and run .. not walk... to any greener pastures!

Timmy would have killed their careers or at least made those careers significantly underwhelming.
Fine.. let them go.. Tebow does't need stars to be successful... that is the beauty of his game.. It's sad the NFL doesn't groom more players like Tebow.. because what problems would it solve? You would not be reliant on prima donna receivers or prima donna QBs.

Tebow's running ability allows guys to get open much more easily. With Tebow you could get some highly underrated receivers and be successful with them. Tebow would make runningbacks look great and runningbacks are highly undervalued in todays NFL because having an immobile dinking and dunking QB makes them ineffective.

Running wins playoff games anyway...
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