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it also helps he was surrounded by 3.5+ star athletes at every position and were more talented at most every position than probably90% of their opponents...but yes lets go with what you say.
Then why is it that Urban Meyer had to leave the SEC and go to another conference?

You want to know why? Because RUNNING wins in the SEC just like it does in the NFL playoffs.

The Gators had weak runner just like the Broncos... Tebow made that Gators team successful in the SEC because of if ability to run SEC power football as a QB. Even Cam had far far better runners than Tebow. This was why Auburn lost Cam and a whole team full of seniors but still beat the Tebowless Gators the following season. When Cam was at Auburn people said he was better than Tebow because he won with less talent. Even though the only team to beat Tebow twice was Auburn even when they didn't have Cam...

Why is this? Because Auburn runs a power running game ideally suited to the SEC. Florida ran a finesse offense to please the fans.. just like Peyton runs a finesse offense for regular season wins and to please fans.

THIS was why Florida let Cam go.. because he was not suited a a passer to do what Tebow did. He couldn't even carry the running game Tebow did at UF either because Cam would have been killed. Conversely Tebow could have been even more dominant at Auburn because they were more suited to a running QB.

This is the same reason why Tebow was better in the playoffs than Peyton.. even being horribly mismanaged...

Running wins games against the best teams.. and Tebow made the Broncos the best running team in the NFL. This is also why the Jets were crazy not to use Tebow.. he would have been ideally suited to the style they play.
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