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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
They are wrong about carter, he had the underneath coverage and played it that way from the get go. What was wrong about that play is they played a coverage they VERY rarely play in practice. It was a rush 3, 5 underneath, 3 deep coverage. I ******g hate that coverage, because there is rarely any pressure on the QB and the DB's are not used to the zone depths or responsibilites.

The playcall absolutely sucked, and it was executed 5 times worse.
Well, don't you get the impression they were kinda of playing against the first down? The down/distance was 3rd and 3 correct? Im not saying that was the right course of action, but i get the impression they didnt think Flacco would go all hail mary in that situation. but regardless of that, Moore was in position to make the play, he just ****ed it up
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