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But they had no problem going to their #3 QB....
Their number 3 QB was a "conventional" QB.. and probably looks like a genius in non contact scrimmages just like Orton did compared to Tebow.

Tebow looks "bad" in practices in games because he doesn't make the dumb throws other guys do to get turnovers.. instead he takes a sack or throws the ball into the dirt.

Other guys would rather look pretty than win the game. It was hilarious though because Orton may not be a good passer or a good athlete but he is a bright guy... and he actually started using Tebow's method because it was so effective. But he isn't Tebow so he couldn't manage the rest of the Tebow equation. But it illustrates my point about how smart Tebow is. He's a lot smarter about using his abilities than the guys who don't have them or coaches that have never seen tehm before.
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