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The Jets didn't play Tebow because they blew the bank on Mark not knowing Tebow would be available.. AND they didn't know how to run Tebow's offense.

The biggest obstacle Tebow has isn't coaches it's the players. As I said above.. players are MORONS.. they are incredibly jealous of Tebow and ignorant about FB yet they all think they are experts. Half of them or more have taken sides in this just like fans. And NFL players run the asylums.. how can a coach play Tebow if half the guys or more on the team won't play for him?

There is also the aspect of the NFL being a business. This is the real reason guys on the Broncos offense were chomping at the bit for Peyton.. because he would help them put up monster numbers ensuring their NFL career. Tebow takes many of those numbers himself running the ball and his style doesn't pad their stats and bank accounts.

Coaches have egos too.. do you think they want to throw away what they feel is their genius offense and just let Tebow run the show and play his own game? Not to mention all these guys judged Tebow before he even came into the NFL and don't want to admit they were wrong..

As for Peyton.. he's not getting any younger. That was one of my big arguments why he would be screwed in Denver. Did you see him trying to run in overtime? It was a joke.. think about it.. what was the biggest difference between Flacco and Peyton. Flacco has mobility like Tebow.. he doesn't use it as much but he has it. If you look at those plays that won that game I think it was Flacco's mobility and Peyton's zero miobility that was the difference in the game.

Flacco actually won that game playing like Tebow did to beat the Steelers.. and Peyton played like Orton. lol

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