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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
I thought I felt a disturbance in the force...

Did I not tell you guys how this whole Manning thing would play out... it unfolded exactly as I said.. surely you must realize I am clairvoyant now...

I said Peyton was a fool to come to Denver. If he won Elway would get the credit and if he couldn't do what Tebow did or more he would be ruined.

And the team is just as bad as it was with Tebow.. slightly better because they were all on board with Peyton and the organization wasn't actively trying to screw him but in the end the results are the same if not worse.
I love how kFcDud and the guys who are blinded by Tebow's 6 pack and are totally in love with the guy think the NFL is now over forever and Manning was a failure for losing a DIVISIONAL Championship game.

You guys would say the same thing about Manning being a Failure if we lost the SB and the AFC Championship game.

Your thinking is so Binary when the situation is Analog and needs to be studied over time. mCg and kFcDud would be right if Manning took his toys and went home or his neck got damaged again and he had to retire.

Thing is he will be back next year, hopefully the following year and the year after that. To say now in the middle of his tenure he is a failure is like saying Tom Brady sucks because he has lost 6 years in the playoffs. OMG 6 years Brady went home in the playoffs!

I like my chances with a QB who has been to the playoffs 12 years in his career it means every year you have a shot at winning it all.

We had no shot with Tebow, hell the Jets were afraid to play him, a 2-14 team that has nothing lose and everything to gain from the Tebow circus says they don't want to consider him as an option.

At this point unless some new HC has the Ego to think they can work with him or use him in WC type plays it is more likely he is going to have to go to Canada or retire and go into politics or use his following to support some type of charity.

Guys like Kapernick are out Tebowing Tebow, I really don't see him being able to compete even as himself with guys like Wilson, Newton, Kapernick, among others being better at what he does than he does.
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