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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by NUB View Post
A minute is a heckuva a long time in today's NFL...

You play the percentages or you literally try and end the game. Denver's secondary was getting torched all goddam day long against a QB known for his huge arm and long-ball. You just don't run it there -- you pass to try and end the damn game. Denver wasn't even gonna be competing at that point were it not for two return-TDs! You realize that? Baltimore was controlling the game and Denver was lucky just to have a lead of any sort. You can play the "percentages" all you want, but all signs, including the obvious fact Denver lost, should have said go for it. Nobody should have felt safe just because a bunch stats told you so. We all saw the same damn game. The safest option was for Baltimore to never see the field again. Period.
You also have to take into account where the Broncos were. Their top two RBs are out. Hillman is going down on the first touch and is not much of a pass blocker. The Ravens don't care about play action and are rushing their asses off, if not going for some kind of blitz package on nearly every play. They've shut down DT. Ravens have excellent LBs so anything short is not a gimme, and could be a disaster. It's minus zero degrees on the field and your HOF QB is not playing up to his normal level of performance. The Broncos converted 7 out of 16 third downs on the day. Plus, the coaches by now know that, for whatever reason, the team is not playing up to the level they were when they won eleven games in a row. Throw in that the refs have been ****ing you since the first kickoff. So, the cards you've been dealt all day suck, and yet you think you should go ahead and bet on the possibility of a hole card bailing you out?
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