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Superbowl Bound

Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
In this game, there was zero pressure on Flacco when it comes time to throwing a deep pass. The secondary deserves their share of the blame in this mess, but the front seven are just as accountable for it. Von Miller and Dumervil didn't do diddly squat in this game. Half a sack is all Von and Dumervil can muster in this game? Bull****.

This^ We need to find a player or two that can get push up the middle, especially on 3rd downs. I know they're hard to find but its key to having a great defense. Flacco had a clean pocket almost all day to wait for his receivers to go long. They got pressure on Manning up the middle whcih helped them win the game. Our run defense was very good, now I hope they address a pash rush up the gut !
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