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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Punisher View Post
If Bailey is smart he'll move to safety and admit hes not a CB in this league no more. If you can't stick Troy Smith what makes you think he can stick elite Receivers like A.J Green, Calvin Johnson etc. And i don't know about your stats but in the Bengals game A.J smoked Bailey

A. Green Rec7 Yards99 Avg14.1 TD1
No Bailey is good for another year. He had a bad half of football ... at a bad time admittedly but that happens to EVERY star football player.

With all that Champ has accomplished, including this year, he more than deserves to have to start showing those kind of slips more than once or twice in a blue moon before you kick a first round ballot HOF corner to the curb!

The second TD wasnt even bad coverage, Dion was analyzing Champs play in that game yesterday on and he said that on the first long TD when Smith pushed off on Champs left shoulder it causes the CB to have to reset his stride jsut a bit and that is all it takes for a speed burner like Smith to get that step on Champ he needed and it was a perfect throw that led him just enough to help accelerate Torreys stride rather than slow him down any so there was little chance at that point for Champ to make the play .. Had Champ done a better bump off the line things would likely have been different, but as Champ said 'I lost him for second on the line and he got away from me'.

On the second long Flacco-Smith TD, that was a picture perfect looping line drive kind of pass and Dion said Champ had perfect coverage .. "You cant ask for better coverage on that kind of route than Champ had, but Flacco threw it intentionally just a little short and Torrey made that quik turn around comeback but Champ couldnt stop his momentum ... a great pass and solid route will beat most CBs no matter who they are!"

Two other times in the first half Smith got ahead of Champ as well but the passes weren't completed or he stepped out of bounds on one of them.

Champ and the D made adjustments in the second half and Torrey was quiet the rest of the game while Champ was solid.

You have to really review what happened and why before going overboard and advocating moving Champ to safety, just because of a single bad half for him!

We need someone who will perform consistently better than Champ all year long before he get reassigned to safety!
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