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"Pass interference is ill-defined and inconsistently called in the NFL. Itís frustrating, with how big a penalty pass interference can be, to see how the NFLís officials can never agree on what is ó and what is not ó pass interference. We saw that three times in the first 10 minutes of the Ravens-Broncos game, and it went against Denver all three times: Baltimoreís first-quarter touchdown drive was kept alive by a shaky pass interference call on a third-down incompletion, then Corey Graham appeared to commit pass interference but wasnít flagged on his interception return for a touchdown, then Demaryius Thomas was tripped on a deep pass from Peyton Manning but didnít get the call. In overtime another questionable pass interference call went against Denverís Champ Bailey. Itís not so much that any of those calls were blatantly wrong, itís more that the NFL officials are so inconsistent in the way they call pass interference that no one ever knows when the official will throw the flag and when heíll keep it in his pocket. On such a pivotal penalty ó the only penalty that can give a team more than 15 yards ó the NFL has to find more consistency.

The Ravens-Broncos officiating stunk even aside from pass interference. A phantom hold that called off a Broncos first down run. An absurdly long series of conferences while the officials debated an illegal hands to the face call. A refereeís decision to unilaterally abolish the tuck rule. I could go on but I think Iíll stop, because itís depressing to focus too much on the officials after a great game. The officiating was a mess"
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