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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I still think thats dumb, not selfish. He made a snap decision in the moment. A selfish play would have been for him to run away because he didn't want to get hurt because he's in a contract year or something. I dont think he was making a conscious choice in the moment.
Moore really blew it, no question about it, but if the teamates like him and trust him as Champ implied 99 times out of 100 he makes that play in practice then you have to at least keep him into camp and see how he responds to this.

I was really pissed that he didn't get behind the WR in his angle as any fool in such a situation would be trying to do, he wasn't even going there but was just trying to drift in front of him for the glory pick!

All we need was a knock down really or a pick and especially if Jones caught it Moore's most primary job was to insure he was in position to damn well make that tackle!! Game is over then and all the Ravens get out of it is a momentary thrill while the ball is in the air before the hammer came down on their season. Instead, thanks to Moore, it was us that got the sledgehammer up side the head!

Its possible Rahim will be toast mentally, regardless of what kind of confident public bravado he might be able to muster in a few months. The real test is back on the field and there it will come out if he is damaged goods from making such an easy to avoid colossal and costly screw up as this one? If so, then we get to cut the ties.

But if he shows true grit and resilience and dedication to improving his game at least as much between this year and next season as he did between his first aborted season and this year, then we'd be foolish to cut him, assuming too that he still has the trust and respect of the locker room?

The key is his response and how the other players really feel about him on the team. Regardless we need more solid Safety help next year . .Hopefully Quentin Carter can come back strong from his injury which isn't an easy one for a safety.

But a real stud back there is a missing link along with a stud at Middle linebacker and an every down monster in the middle of the D line toward taking this team to and winning the SB ..... with the addition of a much improved RB corp this coming year as well.

The rest of the draft and FA should be carefully spent on solid bench players who can come in and keep the train on the tracks if we hit a tough injury spell next year...

Overall I think the new training crew and their methods including use of the Power-Plate seems to have been a real asset. There appeared to be less overall nagging injuries that were slow to heal and our game stamina was consistent all year instead of the big fade as we had done for almost the last 10 years straight of the Tuten era.

And most of the muscle strain type injuries we did have seemed to bounce back quicker than in the past and overall we had relatively few critical injuries all year.
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