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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I'm still not cooled down enough to give Rahim a reprieve, but I am ready to think of solutions. For one thing, the Broncos pass rush disappeared on Saturday. Why? Flacco was not so much as touched until the first OT. I think this is glaring evidence of our weakness at DT. Obviously, if the QB has all the time in the world, Champ cannot keep up with a fast receiver for fifty yards. Champ got exposed because our weakness at DT got exposed. Still, all in all, I believe Milus should be fired immediately. You cannot let such a disaster go by without some kind of response. It sends a very bad signal. Some things are just flat out unacceptable. The Broncos should draft a penetrating DT like Sharrif Floyd in the first round, Champ should be moved to safety, and a solid CB picked up in FA to play opposite Harris. Keep Rahim around if you want, but tape him to the goalpost and use him for target practice.
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