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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
Vinovich, who had been out of football for 6 years prior to 2012, came back as a replacement official. He was then kept on, managed to officiate the most-flagged game of the year, and then work a Divisional Playoff game. Prior to this divisional playoff game, Vinovich had officiated two (2) playoff games: a 2003 divisional game and a 2006 wild card game.

But he was assigned a divisional game in 2012 after being out of the league for 6 years.

Someone explain to me how that happens.
I'd like to hear an explanation about this, too. There had to be a number of refs that called games this season, why not choose one of those guys? Instead, they get this Vinovich guy. Who chooses the refs for the games,
anyway? Goodell?
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